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2015 Design Trends for Your Whole House
2015 Design Trends for Your Whole House

The New Year tends to inspire resolutions to improve ourselves, so why not include your home as well? The opportunity for upgrades and innovations can be found in the latest home technology, design styles, and products. The Home Artisans of Indiana members use their years of expertise and market observations to weigh in on the home interior design trends for the coming year:

PLUMBING, KITCHENS, AND BATHROOMS: “Chrome continues to be the most popular finish in plumbing fixtures. In kitchens and bathrooms, we are seeing sinks with fewer handles and faucets, creating a smooth look with minimal lines. In the master bathroom, homeowners are taking out their bathtubs and expanding their showers.” HAOI member Diana Dinges, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

LIGHTING: “Grey has been a very popular color for light fixtures in 2014, and we predict it will continue to please in 2015. Antique and vintage styles will continue into the New Year as well. LED light fixtures are coming out in more designs this year, and at better prices.” HAOI member Tracy Leeper King, Indiana Lighting Center

AUTOMATION, INTEGRATION: “All types of controls for home entertainment, lighting, and sound systems are converging into single systems, eliminating the need for multiple remotes and touch-screens. Now a single app can be used for the entire home control interface.” HAOI member Ray Rice, Digital Sight & Sound

DRAPERY TECHNOLOGY AND DESIGN: “We are seeing more drapery products becoming motorized. The technology itself has improved, and motorized window covering products are now available at much more affordable prices. In drapery design, we are seeing a lot of attention being given to the details of the trim. We are also seeing drapes made of combined fabrics.” HAOI member Caryn O’Sullivan, Drapery Street

ROOFING SHINGLES: “Architectural laminated shingles with a lifetime (50 year) warranty are becoming popular. These shingles are much more affordable than they used to be, though to get the 50 year warranty, you have to use 3 other products from the shingle manufacturer, such as felt shingles, ridge gap shingles, an ice and water shield, etc.” HAOI member Millie Hindes, Watergate Roofing

AGING-IN-PLACE REMODELING: “We are continuing to see home owners designing their bathrooms with large, walk-in showers without doors, boutique tiles, and versatile shower sprays that make showers safe, accessible and enjoyable to use for everyone. Grab bars and other mobility aids come in a variety of colors, chic shapes and elegant finishes, keeping in style while one hundred percent functional.” HAOI member Kent McCool, Home Safe Homes

COLORS AND TEXTURES: “Home owners are mixing textures, finishes and colors in their rooms. Textured materials, gloss finishes, and bold color accents give each room their own interest and appealing style. Home owners are also bringing in natural influences by using stone and leather textures and materials.” HAOI member Erin Moore, California Closets

WALL GRAPHICS: “Partial and full wall images printed on removable vinyl are in style for home decoration. ‘Fat head’ graphics have been used in homes for a number of years but the corporate world is also embracing the trend to add color and corporate messaging to their usually drab walls.” HAOI member Michael Kile, Alpha Graphics

TV ROOM: “More people are placing TVs in their fireplace mantle spaces. In many cases this space provides a natural and easy wall cavity for hiding cords and wires. It’s also a great place to accommodate larger screens that seem to outgrow typical entertainment centers.” HAOI member Doug Marvel, Marvelous Woodworking

HOME INTEREST RATES: “Most likely interest rates will rise for homes in 2015. Projections are that they will be over 5%. The trend to buy houses now will continue while the interest rate is still low.” HAOI member Phil Hotle, Century 21 Scheetz

SMART THERMOSTATS: “We are seeing that new thermostats are quickly moving to a smart phone compatible application, which will allow greater control and accessibility for home owners over their heating and cooling systems.” HAOI member Brian Schutt, Homesense Heating & Cooling

What home design trends have you noticed recently? Do you plan to bring any of them into your own house?

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