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2016 Interior Design Trends: What’s New In Drapery
2016 Interior Design Trends: What’s New In Drapery

Drapery frames your windows and adds texture, color and softness to a room. It gives a finished and elegant look to a space—without a good dressing up, windows can seem bare. This year reveals exciting new interior design trends in drapery fabrics, colors and styles that will add even more wow to your space.

Colors Bright and Beautiful:

As in almost all parts of interior design, neutrals tones and gray colors are still going strong. What is being added to those softer hues are bold or brightly-colored accent pieces. Bringing in splashes of color is a great way to make a space seem welcoming and vibrant rather than bland and monochromatic. Golds and soft gray-blues are also becoming especially popular in their own right. Gold adds lovely warmth to a space, and a soft blue or silvery blue brings a sleek and sophisticated look.


Plain, flowing drapes can bring a simple elegance to windows, but a popular way to give them a little flair is adding fringe along the edges. Homeowners and designers are also choosing richly textured fabrics to add more interest. There is a hot trend right now in fabrics with textures inspired by apparel, such as pleated wool or a warm sweater knit.


Structured cornices are also making comeback in interior design. These abbreviated forms of window treatments looks great by themselves and are often used where drapes would not fit or look right. Cornices are also used in combination with flowing drapes to provide an interesting contrast.

Inspired to use a new trend in your window treatments? Reach out to HAOI member Caryn O’Sullivan, Drapery Street for more gorgeous drapery options.

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