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2021 Home Industry Trends
2021 Home Industry Trends

Home is where the heart is – and since 2020, it’s also where school is, work is, entertainment is…. We are expecting more from our homes in terms of convenience, performance, and, of course, comfort and style. The top 2021 home industry trends are largely focused on making spaces as functional as possible while ensuring that there is plenty of room to escape, relax, and recharge.

5 Top 2021 Home Industry Trends

If you are looking for a little inspiration for your new build or next home improvement project, find it with these exciting 2021 home industry trends:

Dedicated Home Offices

No surprise there! During the pandemic, nearly 70% of the American workforce was sent home. As restrictions ease, 92% plan on working from home once a week and 80% plan on doing so three times a week. This is not a trend that’s going to end anytime soon. Experts predict that by 2025, 36 million of us will be working remotely. Zoom meetings at the dining room table and presentations on the couch are not optimal long-term solutions, so we are seeing intense interest in dedicated office spaces. Plus, it makes it easier to close the door at the end of your workday and go relax!

Outdoor Living Spaces


This beautiful outdoor kitchen and dining area was created by Adam Gibson Design (Carmel, Indiana)

We don’t play favorites – but if we did, this would be it! Comfortable, functional, and elegant outdoor living spaces empower homeowners to maximize each square foot of their properties. Better yet, they can be enjoyed year-round when you incorporate heating lamps, smokeless fire pit systems, and other innovative solutions for more comfortable Midwest outdoor living.

Clearly Defined Spaces

The open floor plan trend dominated the home construction and design world for years, and it is not going anywhere quite yet. Things are getting cozier and more clearly delineated in 2021 though. Increasingly, homeowners want comfortable shared living spaces, as well as those that they can use and enjoy on their own.

Julie Busby, founder of real estate company the Busby Group, says, “The trend will be to create different living spaces within the open floor plan so people will have pockets or nooks in the home for e-learning, Zoom calls, conversation, lounging, exercise, etc.”

This is important, too, as more families live in multi-generational households – another interesting 2021 trend!

Spa-Worthy Bathrooms

A 2020 Houzz Bathroom Trends Study found that 41% of people who renovated their master bath said they depend on this space for rest and relaxation. We are with them one hundred percent.  When you are besieged with constant work calls, virtual meetings, demanding children (and other household members!), it’s nice to escape, if only for a moment or two. With a master bathroom like this one created by ACo, make that an hour or two!


This ACo bathroom remodel features a standalone sauna, curbless shower, top of the line fixtures, and a fresh, clean color palette for an ahhhh-inspiring experience.

Heating and Cooling

This may not be as glamorous or sexy as a spa-like bathroom or an outdoor kitchen. Nonetheless HVAC updates are one of the top home industry trends of 2021. As more of us started working from home (and educating from home and doing… well, everything from home), it became even more important to enjoy a comfortable environment. If you have been thinking about upgrading or replacing your heating, cooling, and/or ventilation systems, now is the perfect time. You can increase efficiency, keep your cool, warm up, and breathe easier.

Making your home as comfortable as possible and as conducive to your lifestyle is key: HVAC, as well as new energy-efficient doors and windows, plays a big role.

2021 Home Industry Trends: Honorable Mentions

Other exciting trends that will define 2021 in the home industry:

  • Video conferencing-enabled living rooms
  • Resilient landscaping
  • Large-format tiles
  • Entertainment and recreation room makeovers
  • Wood-grain kitchen cabinets and countertops
  • Thoughtfully designed lighting plans for every room

Which 2021 home improvement trends call to you? No matter what your answer, you can find local companies, craftspeople, and artisans to bring your vision to life. Visit Home Artisans of Indiana to connect with a diverse community of professionals who can meet all of your needs – and exceed all of your expectations.

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