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We Build Better Business Together
We Build Better Business Together

Home improvement professionals experience common challenges on their journey to success. Home Artisans is a curated community of like-minded business leaders dedicated to personal and professional growth and guided by a commitment to superior quality, value and outstanding customer service.

There’s no member too small or large – Home Artisan members meet bi-weekly to address a wide range of business topics with curated panels that apply to all business sizes and home service industries. Business and community become one within the group, which members find invaluable. A few members discuss how the group has helped elevate their business to the next level.

Christina Garten of Christina’s Complete Clean has been a member of Home Artisans for 4 years. “It’s truly amazing what can happen when a group of like-minded people get together every other week to work on their business rather than in it. Being a part of Home Artisans has given me the opportunity to strategize with others and gain insight on how other home improvement companies operate. Being a small business owner, building a business from scratch is difficult enough. It has been monumental for Christina’s Complete Clean to be a part of a group that gives honest feedback and industry insights so we can continue to grow, together.”

“I’ve been in business for 20 years and have participated in countless business round tables, marketing and referral groups. Without reservation Home Artisans of Indiana is unequivocally the best. Although we are all in separate businesses, there is a team atmosphere that is like none I’ve experienced. Collaboration from human resource management to the best way to send a thank you note, we share, we discuss, we support. The best way to explain it, is we build better business together. If family and friends ask, I only refer from the talent of the Home Artisans of Indiana.” Ray Rice, Digital Sight and Sound CEO.

Jason Ells of Custom Concrete joined Home Artisans for the like-minded company. “I thoroughly enjoy the creative collaboration amongst this industry within the Home Artisans group. The idea of getting together with forward thinking individuals and team members keeps me engaged and excited for each unique meeting,” said Ells. “Home Artisan members have a common denominator,” explains Ells, “we are all uncomfortable with being comfortable and I always leave being better. Better as a boss, manager, peer, mentor, friend and member of the community.”

In the upcoming year, Home Artisans will be dedicated to Gather, Grow and Give as a Team.

If you are interested in learning more about Home Artisans or our Members, please visit our website at homeartisans.com.

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