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About Us

About Home Artisans of Indiana

Home improvement professionals experience common challenges on their journey to success. Home Artisans is a curated community of like-minded business leaders dedicated to personal and professional growth and guided by a commitment to superior quality, value and outstanding customer service.

More than your average business card swap

When you join Home Artisans you:

  • Belong to a community of like-minded, home improvement professionals
  • Hone your business acumen with exclusive resources and roundtable discussions
  • Develop long-lasting, meaningful relationships with industry peers
  • Give and gain quality referrals

Narrowing the Search for Artisans & Craftsmen

When it comes to both new construction and home renovation projects, figuring out who to hire can become a paralyzing process. Two or three decades ago, consumers flipped through the yellow pages to determine the best candidate for the job. Then came Angie’s List. Then Facebook, Next Door and other social media platforms. As a result, consumers may feel overwhelmed when faced with mixed or conflicting suggestions, opinions and reviews.

For residents located around the Indianapolis area, however, there is a trusted source in Home Artisans of Indiana, a collective group of high-quality industry companies, each with a proven track record of customer-oriented service and reliability. By only allowing in just one company per service or trade, the organization directs consumers to the local artisan or craftsman that can provide the highest degree of quality, service and value.

Board Members

President: David Decker

Vice President: Paul Carroll

Treasurer: Jason Ells

Marketing: Erik Anderson

Expansion: Kelli Bastin

Membership: Jordan Knueven

Content & Programming: Mia Farrell & Kali DeWitt Rogers

Event Planning: Diana Dinges


Interested in Joining Home Artisans?

Artisans Speak

Joining Home Artisans shortly after launching my business proved to be an incredibly efficient way to create valuable partnerships with some of the most highly sought-after home services businesses in the industry. The fact that every business seems to have the best interests of the group at heart as they share their knowledge gained from years of running a successful business further proves the integrity and character of the individuals involved. My business would not be where it is today without the relationships I’ve established through Home Artisans.

The Baer Minimalist
Maria Baer
Residential Organizer + Party Stylist
The Baer Minimalist

Home Artisans has changed the way I view connecting with other professionals. There is plenty to do and much to be involved in. It’s helps to have others in the business with different perspectives.

Drapery Street
Draper Street

Home Artisan members share a common denominator, we are all uncomfortable with being comfortable. I always leave being better. Better as a boss, manager, peer, mentor, friend and member of the community.

Custom Concrete
Jason Ells
Senior VP, Sales & Business Development
Custom Concrete

I have loved the fact that I am referring and learning from the best in the business.

Drapery Street
Caryn O’Sullivan
Drapery Street

I love the Home Artisans group because its an opportunity for me to learn and grow from other high caliber business owners and performers. Everyone brings a wide range of knowledge and experience that provides a ton of value to me personally and the growth of my business.

Dan Weingart
GreenImage Landscape & Design

I can’t say enough about the power of this group. Accountability is key and this group has it. I’ve watched my business grow year over year primarily through the focus and strategy of the bi-weekly meetings. It’s the best investment I’ve made in my business since opening the doors 10 years ago.

Revolvere Design & Development
Erik Anderson
Owner / Proprietor
Revolvere Design & Development