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Advice for Home Sellers—Using Feedback from Showings
Advice for Home Sellers—Using Feedback from Showings

When you are showing your home, encourage your potential buyers to leave you feedback. This information will help you determine what buyers like about your home, and what is keeping them from buying it. Many times it can help you determine the items you can leave “as is” in your house, and what needs to be fixed, changed, or updated. Pay attention to repeated negative issues and consider how important they are to the sale of your home. Positive comments are important too, because they can help you balance them with the negative comments, especially when it comes to the interior style of your house. It may not be worth changing the style if enough people find it appealing.

Buyers’ negative comments often reference overpricing or outdated style. Make sure to compare your price to others in your neighborhood to make sure you are on par with your competition. Many buyers like houses that are updated because they often don’t have the time or desire to renovate. Updated kitchens and bathrooms are high on buyers’ wish lists. In this area, an updated kitchen will have granite countertops, newer appliances, stainless steel sinks, and hardwood floors. Remember that your competition may have these updates. Many buyers are willing to pay a little more upfront if it saves them time and money for renovations later.

If an agent is showing your home, you can still get feedback from the buyers who visit. Agents automatically request this information from buyers’ agents who can tell you what their clients are saying about your house.

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