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Aging-in-Place: Designing Homes for Mobility
Aging-in-Place: Designing Homes for Mobility

Whether you are planning to build a new home, or remodeling your current one, it is beneficial to consider options that will allow you to live in your home comfortably and safely as you age. Aging-in-place design aims to do just that, ensuring homeowners keep some of the independence they are used to. Also known as universal design, it is especially important in making sure you can easily move around your home and perform daily tasks. Aging-in-place expert Kent McCool of Home Safe Homes shares how he designs homes for safety, comfort, and mobility:

“When we are assessing a home for an aging-in-place design, we identify all the problem areas and make recommendations that will address the issues. If the homeowners have an occupational therapist, we bring them on board in the design stage. The occupational therapists we work with are experts in medical conditions; we consult with them to design the best situation for our clients. Our major work is in the bathroom, where most falls happen. Based on their preference or mobility issue, we can design their shower or bathtub appropriately.

We encourage every homeowner to think about future safety when they are redesigning and remodeling. A universal design is worth investing in; it creates a home you can live in for a long time, and if you are planning to sell, it increases the home’s value and appeal.”

To schedule an aging-in-place design consultation, reach out to Kent McCool, Home Safe Homes.

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