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All About Cleaning Your Windows
All About Cleaning Your Windows

Windows can make up a good part of the front of your house, so they can have a large affect on your curb appeal. Large dirty glass panes can make your house look unkempt. Cleaning your windows is elementary to keeping your home looking well cared for, and essential to enjoying your view.

How often should windows be cleaned?

Windows can be washed as often as you like, but for your house to maintain a pleasing appearance, twice a year is optimal. Cleaning your windows prevents hard water build-ups on your panes from rain or irrigation, and removes dust, bugs, and other debris stuck on the glass.

When should you clean your windows?

Many favor spring and fall as window-washing season, but anytime will work. Cleaning them during spring takes off all the winter grime and renews your view. Winter may be the worst time, simply because weather conditions can make the job miserable, but it won’t harm your windows to wash them when its cold outside.

Why should a professional clean your windows?

If you hire professional window cleaners, you won’t be risking a bad fall off ladders and rooftops. Professionals are trained in height safety methods and procedures. They can also clean your windows quickly and thoroughly, saving you time.

For a professional window-washing crew, reach out to Home Artisan’s member Brian Paxson from A Better View.

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