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According to an article by the American Lighting Association, broken fluorescent light bulbs requires some careful clean up. Fluorescent lights have tiny amounts of mercury in them. Many consider the broken glass to be more dangerous than the mercury; however, because of the mercury, contamination is possible and extra precautions should be followed. The article gives directions, as recommended by the EPA, for both lightbulbs broken on hard and carpeted surfaces. The procedures include wearing gloves, using disposable wipes or towels to remove the broken light bulb, and bagging the fragments rather than throwing them away by themselves.

Fluorescent lights are the less expensive option for energy-efficient lighting, but they have many drawbacks compared to LEDs and have a more severe impact on the environment. Upfront they cost less, but in the long run they may cost you more. Consider upgrading your lighting to LEDs, and if you have any questions regarding new lighting options and designs, reach out to Tracy Leeper King, Indiana Lighting Gallery.

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