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Avoid Leaks this Winter by Inspecting Your Roof
Avoid Leaks this Winter by Inspecting Your Roof

It’s easy to wait until your ceilings start to leak before you decide to inspect your roof. But why not find and fix problems before the leaks start? While the warmer weather lasts, you may want to have your roof inspected for any damage it may have suffered over the past year.

Inspecting your roof will likely involve climbing onto it. While some damage can be seen from the ground, many forms cannot. For example, severe wind damage can be easy to spot from the ground in the form of missing shingles. However, wind damage can also come in the form of cracked and split shingles that are not torn from the roof. You cannot see this kind of problem from the ground. It is also difficult to see hail damage without getting onto the roof. If your downspouts, siding, and window screens have been damaged by hail, then it is most likely your roof has been affected as well.

Another common roof repair need is pipe jack boot failure. Pipe jacks are the plastic boots that go over your plumbing vents. These boots often fail when the rubber seal around them cracks, which tends to lead to ceiling leaks in a bathroom if not repaired.

Watergate Roofing offers free roof inspections, and suggests you have your roof inspected yearly. Annual inspections help lengthen the life of your roof, and avoid major issues down the road. For more information visit our Member Page.

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