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Beat the Freeze: Winter Plumbing Tips
Beat the Freeze: Winter Plumbing Tips

With many cold months ahead, homeowners should be aware of a few winter plumbing tips that will help them avoid major seasonal issues and freezing pipes.

Disconnect Hoses from Outside Faucets: If you have outside faucets, disconnect all your hoses and attachments (quick connects) from them. If your outside faucets have shut-off valves inside your home, turn them off then open the outside faucets again to drain out excess water. This will keep your outdoor plumbing from freezing.

Prevent Freezing: When you know the temperature is about to drop close to freezing, or the wind chill factor is going to be low, and you have plumbing on an exterior wall, open your cabinet doors and run a fan to circulate warm air to keep your pipes from freezing. You can also let your faucets on the exterior walls drip during below-normal temperatures.

Crawl Spaces: If you have a crawl space, insulate your pipes and close your crawl space vents. This will prevent air movement and keep your crawl space and pipes warm.

If you have a plumbing problem due to cold temperatures, the technicians at Steg Plumbing are happy to assist you quickly!

For more expert advice on plumbing, reach out to HAOI member Cathy Stegemoller, Steg Plumbing.

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