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If you are planning to build a new home, consider including a concrete cast-in-place basement in your design. There are many benefits to this form of construction due to the ease of which a basement can be customized.

A cast-in-place basement is built by pouring concrete into aluminum panels that have been configured according to a blueprint. Therefore, the walls will not have joints, making the basement water-tight. This method also allows for more options when it comes to casting offsets, turns, curves, steps, and any other additions or quirks you want in your basement. The casts are made on-site instead of in a factory and the process is the fastest in the industry, taking only two or three weeks to complete. If your build timeline is short, you may want to use cast-in-place.

Concrete is a very sturdy substance, and is easily moldable into various shapes, textures, and patterns for custom designs. It also acts as a natural heat sink and retains room temperatures even after outside air cools. When insulation is added to the walls, it creates a stable indoor environment. In the long run, concrete cast-in-place basements have a greater resale value due to their durability and longevity.

For more information about concrete basements and foundations, reach out to HAOI member Tim Eckert, Weber Concrete Construction.

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