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Carpet Cleaning Tips from the Experts
Carpet Cleaning Tips from the Experts

Every now and then, even the most meticulously vacuumed carpet can use a good professional scrubbing. Keeping your carpet clean isn’t just important for hygienic reasons; it can also extend the life of your carpet, and save you money in the long run. Most professionals recommended deep cleaning your carpet every 12-18 months. If you have light colored carpets, pets or small children, you might want to clean the area more frequently to compensate for the added foot traffic and messes. But before you break out the equipment to try and do it yourself, take a look at a few carpeting-cleaning tips from the experts at Dirt Robber.
Before you begin cleaning, move as much furniture and personal belongings as possible out of the room. Next, vacuum the area thoroughly. Vacuuming up the surface dirt will ensure that your carpet receives an in-depth deep clean.
Most home carpeting-cleaning methods utilize either steam cleaning, or dry, chemical cleaning. Both methods are effective, but machines that use dry chemicals are bit pricier. Keep in mind that home methods aren’t as powerful as professional cleaning methods.
To save yourself the hassle of cleaning carpets yourself, you may want to turn to a professional cleaning company. Dirt Robber, headquartered in Carmel, uses the latest advancements in chemicals and machinery to achieve a spotless finish in record time. Plus, you can take comfort knowing that all of the chemicals they use are environmentally friendly. Dirt Robber specializes in cleaning carpet, as well as tile, grout and upholstery. If you are looking for a speedy, effective and affordable and to deep clean your carpets, call Dirt Robber for a free estimate.

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