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Choosing the Right Home Improvement Professionals: The Key to a Successful Project
Choosing the Right Home Improvement Professionals: The Key to a Successful Project

Home is more than just a “place to hang your hat.” For many of us, it is a dream fulfilled. A safe space. Our space. And we don’t want just anyone coming into the refuge we’ve built. That is why it is so critical that we choose the right professionals for our new construction and home renovation projects. Quality and results matter – but so do integrity, transparency, and accountability. How do you find the best home improvement professionals for the job?

Why Hiring the Right Home Improvement Professional Matters

We’ve all heard home improvement project horror stories. Contractors who demand astronomical deposits and disappear. Shoddy work that

poses a safety risk to your family. Constant change orders that blow up your budget. When HAOI member Joe Garcia started G&G Custom Homes, he asked people for their worst “building horror stories,” and he promised his company would never make those same mistakes, whether intentional or not. It’s a promise he’s kept and that other top-notch companies keep with each and every project. This is why vetting home improvement professionals and artisans is of paramount importance. You don’t want to be the star of a home horror story!

In some cases, the home improvement experience isn’t a nightmare; but it’s not exactly a dream come true either. Maybe the experience was… all right. The work is… ok. The results are… fine. It wasn’t quite what you wanted, but you can settle, compromise, or make do.

Our advice: don’t. Don’t settle, compromise, or make do. Demand the best! And when you choose the right home improvement professionals, you’ll get it.

5 Tips for Selecting the Most Qualified Home Improvement Professionals

A few decades ago, when you wanted to find a contractor, electrician, plumber, designer, landscape architect, cabinet maker, or other design or construction professional, you’d hit the Yellow Pages. Today, we have more resources at our disposal.

1.Get It from the Source: Ask Friends, Family, Neighbors, & Colleagues. Yes, this is another “old school” way to find the right professional for the job – but it’s a good one. Word of mouth is tremendously powerful; when you have connections, who have been through the process, they are a great resource.

Ask them who they used, and why? Were they happy? What would they have changed? What was their experience like? What about their results? Would they hire this company or professional again to do more work? Why or why not? If they’re willing to answer questions, get as specific as you can!

2.Check with HAOI. Home Artisans of Indiana is a community of like-minded professionals covering the spectrum of the building and design industry. It is your go-to resource for information and guidance. HAOI is carefully curated, and each artisan has a proven track record of reliability, stellar customer service, quality, and value. We can direct you to the local artisan or craftsman who will meet your needs – and exceed your expectations.

3.Dig Into Their Website and Project Galleries. Find an artisan through HAOI, and then give their work a closer look. Visit their website and browse their project galleries. Does their body of work align with your needs and dreams?

Also look at the presentation of the website: is it easy to navigate? Clear? Visually appealing? Helpful? All of this reflects on the professionals themselves and can tell you quite a bit.

4.Scour Reviews and Ratings. You’ve got a great start on finding the right home improvement pro! Take it further by reading reviews and ratings. How do real customers – your peers – view their experience? Are they happy with the results?

These are reviews for G&G Custom Homes, found on Houzz. This is a reputable site, and it can help answer questions that you may have if you were going to build a custom home.

Check Facebook, Google Reviews, Houzz, Angie’s List, and other sources as you make your selection.

5.Have a Conversation. At this point, you have an artisan in mind. Give them a call! Schedule an appointment or a consultation and get to know them. Is it easy to get in touch with them? Are they happy to meet with you? Do they offer virtual options? Do they listen to you? Do they ask the right questions? Do you feel comfortable with them? Are they engaged in the conversation? Do they seem passionate about what they do? This is your time, so feel free to ask whatever you need.

When you ask a question, listen for the answer – and pay attention to how they respond. Are they respectful? Interested? Knowledgeable? Accountable? Keen to get started on the project?

You’ve done your research; now go with your gut. Is this the professional or company that you can trust with your building or home renovation project?

Get the Results You Want -and the Experience You Deserve – with Home Artisans of Indiana

Ready to build your dream house or embark on a home renovation project? Make HAOI your first stop. We can guide you to a leading industry professional, one with whom you feel comfortable and confident. Let’s get to work! Visit Home Artisans of Indiana to learn more.


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