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Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Items
Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Items

Chandeliers, interior lights or fans on high ceilings, outside lights, gutters and eaves all get dirty too, and need cleaning once in a while to keep the cobwebs down and look nice. Cleaning these hard-to-reach items however can take a whole process of ladders, vacuums and even hoses. Brian Paxson from A Better View Window Cleaning describes his company’s process:

“Hard-to-reach items are usually objects that are high up, and you either need a ladder or a really long feather duster. Most homeowners don’t have those tools, and many do not want to risk falling from large heights, so they hire us to do a professional and safe cleaning job. For chandeliers, we’ll use a ladder, a cloth and cleaning solution to hand-clean the whole thing. We take off each individual crystal so we can get in all the nooks and crannies. For high ceiling fans we use a long pole mop and spread a tarp underneath. That way the dust we knock off has somewhere to fall. After we wipe the ceiling fan clean, we vacuum the floors. How we approach a cleaning job always depends on what the home owner wants.”

Do you have any hard-to-reach items that are looking pretty grimy? Reach out to Brian Paxson, A Better View.

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