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 Consider Security When Designing Your Outdoor Living Area
 Consider Security When Designing Your Outdoor Living Area

With the arrival of spring, homeowners begin dreaming of the perfect outdoor living space. Regardless of the elements desired, it is important to take those designs beyond the aesthetics. Implementing Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) will help homeowners assess their outdoor space from a security perspective. By talking to a CPTED trained professional, homeowners can greatly increase security and safety resulting from their design.

Creating a landscape redesign always calls for compromises between aesthetics and security. For example, installing a row of bushes to create privacy is a good idea—except when those bushes are placed in a way that hides a vulnerable area of your home from view, giving the bad guys a way to gain entry. A CPTED trained professional will bring the security perspective to your design and offer alternatives. Options may range from simply removing or repositioning design elements, to installing security measures like automated lighting, driveway alerts or gate systems. When you feel safe and secure you enjoy your home more and you are happier.

Home Artisans member Digital Sight & Sound has CPTED trained designers. Click here to contact them about enhancing your security.

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