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Creating a Kitchen for Your Inner Chef
Creating a Kitchen for Your Inner Chef

Kitchens are designed to accommodate many household activities, from entertaining guests to acting as a homework and study area. Yet sometimes we forget the most important function of a kitchen: an effective cooking space! Get in touch with your inner chef by creating a kitchen design that makes it easier to prepare, serve and clean up after meals. Who knows? You may even find that a renovation can give your cooking skills get a tasty boost.
You’d be amazed at how a few cabinetry changes can transform the way you cook. Cabinetry that features roll-out drawers, lazy-susans and other built-in organizational tools (like spice racks) can help you organize and keep cooking supplies within easy reach. You may also want to consider installing cabinetry with under-cabinet, task lighting to brighten things up and make it easier to cook. Serious cooks tend to have more pots, tools, spices and food than the average homeowner, which tends to make storage a bit tricky. So to save time, make sure to store items near the spots where you will be using them.
If you’ve ever heard the phrase “everything but the kitchen sink,” you know that a great deal of cooking revolves around the sink. A wide, deep sink is ideal for scrubbing large pots and pans that may not be dishwasher safe. Speaking of heavy pots, many cooks recommend installing a water source near your stovetop. With these helpfully located faucets, you can fill pots with water right over the stove without having to move to the sink.
Cooking can be quite the adventure, so you’ll want to make sure you have all the tools you need to be successful. Kitchen innovations, ideas and more can be found from The Affordable Companies, where we make luxury Affordable. Visit to browse kitchen galleries and find inspiration on ways to encourage your inner chef.

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