Custom Basement Features: Safe Rooms for Tornadoes and Valuables
Custom Basement Features: Safe Rooms for Tornadoes and Valuables

Basements have many uses, including home theaters, kid’s bedrooms, storage closets, game rooms, wet bars, workshops…the list is endless. Having that third floor gives you a chance to expand your living space. If you are building a new house, you have even more choices. Many builders can design custom basement features, pouring your basement according to what you want to do. One feature growing in use is the safe room.

Many homeowners in Midwest states such as Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, and Illinois have a designated room in their basement to ride out tornadoes, complete with a heavy lockable door. More Indiana homeowners are finding this feature as a better way to weather tornados. Another common option is to place a concrete tornado shelter under a large front porch.

Safe rooms are also becoming more prevalent as a means of storing family valuables. It is as simple as blocking off a corner of the basement with concrete and putting a high-quality lockable door on it. True steel lockable doors cannot be broken into under any circumstances, protecting from fire and thieves.

Member Weber Concrete has poured many custom basement features, including unique safe rooms. Reach out to them on their member page to talk to an expert about what you need and where you can put a safe room or other feature in your basement.

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