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Custom Invitations—Graduations, Weddings and More
Custom Invitations—Graduations, Weddings and More

Trying to create that unique look for your special event? Custom invitations free you from having to comb through generic cards, none of which may capture the style or personality you want. You can get it exactly right the first time, and have a beautiful reminder of your event to keep forever.

Going custom means you pick your ideal blend of graphic elements to create your perfect invitation. A professional graphics company can provide you with the following design options:

  • Specialty Paper: These materials come in all colors, patterns, glosses and other finishes. Choosing the appropriate specialty paper can greatly enhance the look, feel and sturdiness of an invitation.
  • Die Cutting: This process for creating custom shapes gives you the chance to break out of the straight-lined, square and rectangular box of common cards. Consider how rounding corners, frilling edges, or cutting the entire invitation into a unique shape can make your design pop.
  • Foil Stamping: This design feature is a very thin layer of metal stamped onto paper and is much brighter than traditional ink. Gold and silver are very popular, but a wide variety of colors and even design elements like holographic type effects are available with foil stamping.

Want to work with a creative team to find the look that fits your special event? Reach out to Home Artisans member, Michael Kile, Alpha Graphics.

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