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Accessories, such as belts, ties, watches, jewelry, and scarves, can be difficult to make room for in your closets and cabinets. It turns out there are many custom solutions that can make your collection look stylish, stay organized, and be easy to find. Erin Moore of California Closets discusses custom storage solutions she created for three of her Indiana clients so they could enjoy and use their accessory collections.

Jewelry Cabinet by California Closets

Jewelry Cabinet by California Closets

“My client needed one place for all of her jewelry, rather than have it scattered everywhere. I designed a bank of drawers that became an island in the center of her room, and provided her storage on either side. The drawers have different dividers for rings, necklaces, and bracelets that keep the collection organized. My client now has space for every piece of jewelry in one central hub.”

“Another client wanted a beautiful place to store his watches where they could be easily seen. I designed a cabinet with a glass top so he could see all of the watches without having to open the drawer. Now his collection is simultaneously displayed and stored.”

“A third client wanted a full-length mirror as well as storage for ties and belts. These items had to be consolidated for the space available in his closet. I designed a large cabinet with a mirror installed, which also had compartmentalized storage for ties and belts. The belts hang in vertical dividers, and there are cubbies for the ties.”

For great custom solutions to your storage needs, reach out to Erin Moore, California Closets.

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