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Design Trends in Mirror and Glass
Design Trends in Mirror and Glass

Designers are looking to increase the amount natural light in homes, as well as the use of quality organic materials. In recent years they have turned to glass and mirrors to accomplish these goals, creating all-glass showers, floating glass counter tops, antiqued mirror decor, and many other innovative ideas that new technology in glass-making has afforded. Materials like glass and mirrored surfaces bring light into a space, providing contrast to the heavy feeling of wood and dark colors.

Designers are especially fond of using glass for display purposes. This year, wine cellars have been made in framed and frameless glass style, making a wine collection visible even behind the door. A frameless glass wine cellar can be built to be climate-controlled.

Wine Room | Design Trends

Decorative walls made completely with mirrors are returning to popularity in many areas throughout the home. These walls are more ornate and involved than previous designs; mirrors are cut, antiqued or colored to create unique details and rich textures.

Mirror Wall | Design Trends

Frameless shower doors are in huge demand. Remodelers are starting to push the design envelope, using new materials and hardware like coated, water-repellent glass. This high-quality material is only slightly more expensive, and many homeowners feel its incredibly easy-to-clean surface is worth the added cost.

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