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Designing Kids’ Closets
Designing Kids’ Closets

Though usually smaller and storing fewer items, kids’ closets need organization as much as master closets. By taking full advantage of the space, toys, clothes and other miscellaneous items will be able to fit neatly inside. A well-designed closet can encourage kids to put things away and learn to organize at a young age.

As with most storage planning, you first want to decide exactly what’s going in there—your items will determine much of the design. Some things may be best kept elsewhere. You want to avoid making it a cluttered, catch-all space. Incorporate cubbies, drawers, cabinets and shelves to make things easier to access.

With kids’ closets, you have a lot of freedom to be really creative with themes and accents. You can have a lot of fun here, and drive the design towards your child’s personality. Inspiration photos can be very helpful for this part.

The design experts at California Closets are great at creating both beauty and function in every storage space, with whatever budget you have! Reach out to member Erin Moore to discuss your options.

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