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Dipping Your Toes Into a Bathroom Remodel – Why Hiring a Professional is Worthwhile
Dipping Your Toes Into a Bathroom Remodel – Why Hiring a Professional is Worthwhile

After a long day, there is nothing better than washing your troubles away in a calming, captivating space. When thinking about your dream bathroom, you likely want a space that is organized, spacious, relaxing and not a hassle to clean. Before getting to enjoy your new oasis, there are many factors to get in place: lighting, plumbing, faucets and fixtures, cabinetry, sinks, baths or showers, tile, etc. Feel a bit daunting? Our expert Home Artisans of Indiana members came together to discuss why hiring a professional is oh so worth it.

1. Leave the Planning to the Pros

Poor planning is the bane of any household project. A solid design and layout are essential for creating a functional bathroom. Not only does the large-scale plan need to be buttoned up, but electrical outlets and plumbing need to be just right as those elements can affect the underlying systems in your bathroom. Partnering with a designer on the form and function of your space will drastically lessen your chance of running into problems. Having plumbing and electrical professionals review your remodeling plans will help you avoid expensive – and potentially unsafe – errors, too.

Bathrooms are accident-prone, and if you want to live in your home into retirement you should plan for that in your design. Aging-in-place design, also called universal design, aims to make homes accessible and safe. Consulting an expert in this area will give you lots of options for a safer bathroom, such as installing a barrier-free shower or walk-in tub.

2. Keeping You On Time & In Budget

Figuring out the final cost of a project before you start remodeling is a difficult feat, but a worthwhile one. Incorrectly identifying costs upfront can lead to overspending, and you may overpay for materials and labor if you are not experienced with remodels.

On top of that, it is difficult to predict how long a project should take if you are unfamiliar with the process. Miscommunication, misplaced materials or forgotten items can delay your project and make that part of your home unusable for longer than you may expect. Bringing in a professional who works with timelines and budgets on a daily basis will offer outside perspective on what to splurge and save on and will keep you on track without breaking the bank.

3. Experiential Knowledge

Did you know that the pretty shower faucet you want to use requires a rough in-valve inside the wall for it to work properly? Whoops! If remodeling is not your profession, you run the risk of missing some major details that can bite you later. Avoid hiccups like this by turning to experts. Whether it be deciding on a color scheme, choosing what stone will work best for your lifestyle or altering your space to allow for aging in place, the Home Artisans of Indiana members have seen it all and know how to help.

Any and all potential problems you may run into by tackling a bathroom remodel on your own can be solved by hiring a professional that has a proven and tested process.

For your various remodeling needs, reach out to Home Artisans of Indiana members!

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