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Drapery Trends
Drapery Trends

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Drapery is the finishing touch for a room. It frames your windows and adds texture, color and softness. Over the past year, we have seen a few design trends that allow your drapery to bring even more wow to your space.

1) Complex yet Clean: Straight-lined drapery panels offer a clean look. For many years, plain panels were the trend. However, many homeowners are now putting their personality in their drapes. They are adding embellishments like trims, coordinating fabrics, beads or tassels that bring a finishing touch to the panels. To add to a stream-lined style, include a tailored cornice over your full drapery panels.

2) Bring in the Bling: Another trend we found this year is drapery wearing bling. Bright, reflective materials like crystal buttons and nail heads are woven into the fabric or trim of drapes for visual interest and a unique look.

For help in creating gorgeous drapery and window treatments, reach out to HAOI member Caryn O’Sullivan, Drapery Street.

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