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Elements of a Home Improvement Contract
Elements of a Home Improvement Contract

Whether you are a contractor or a customer, it is important that your home improvement contract provide certain information to permit you to understand the obligations of both parties. A contract can be very lengthy, addressing many potential details and scenarios, or brief and to the point. To ensure both sides understand the deal, we recommend the following be provided:

  1. Customer’s name and the address of the property;
  2. Contractor’s name and address, and the contact information of an agent whom the customer can call if the customer has problems or questions;
  3. The date of the contract and any time limitation on the customer’s acceptance;
  4. A description of the work;
  5. Approximate starting and completion dates of the work and a statement of any contingencies that may delay completion;
  6. A price; and
  7. Signatures and printed names for all parties to the contract.

Have questions about a contract for your upcoming home improvement project? Contact HAOI member Paul Carroll at Mercer Belanger, P.C.

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