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Exterior Home Maintenance: Keeping the Outside of Your Home In Top Shape
Exterior Home Maintenance: Keeping the Outside of Your Home In Top Shape

They say it’s what is on the inside that counts. Well, “they” are not talking about houses! In this case, the outside matters very much. It delivers the first impression of your home to guests, visitors, and passers-by. It boosts your curb appeal (and often value). Most importantly, though, it is there to greet you and welcome you in every time you return. So, yes, what is on the outside counts for a great deal.

How do you approach proper home maintenance when you step outside your door?

Step 1 of Exterior Home Maintenance: Get Out!

Planning home maintenance tasks is the perfect excuse to get outside. Feel free to schedule it for the next sunny, warm day. Make a list of DIY jobs that you and the family can tackle on weekends. This can include tidying up the yard, removing debris, cleaning windows, raking, weeding, sweeping porches, decks, and pathways, and freshening up your container plants for an extra pop of color.

We’re all about doing the chores you can safely and that you enjoy. For everything else, why not call in the pros? Falling off a ladder or putting your back out trying to remove stumps should most certainly not be on your list. A few good places to start:

Freshen Up

A fresh coat of paint can do a world of wonders for your home. While an aesthetic move that can boost curb appeal and value, painting also adds another layer of protection against the elements, insects, and dust. Even if you have siding (in which case, a good pressure wash is a great idea in between seasons), make sure to touch up or repaint wooden elements, such as porch and deck railings, shutters, and dormers, for maximum impact.

All In Painting can help you cross this big job off the list quickly and efficiently. In addition, they offer services like power washing, rotten wood replacement, brick and stone painting, staining, and even siding, trim, and gutter work. (Check out their Before & After section; you’ll be sold on this meticulous team.)

Fair Weather’s the Time To Think About Heat

The sun’s finally shining and the temperatures are climbing. Who wants to think about heating season? No one. Who should think about heating season? You! Fair weather is the best time to get your chimney in tip top shape. Brick + Ember, which serves Indianapolis and the surrounding areas, can do a thorough inspection to identify any areas of concern. Whether you need a rebuild or restoration of a weather-damaged chimney, a chase cover or rain cap installed, a new liner, or a good cleaning, the Brick + Ember experts will deliver stellar results so you can stay safe and comfortable in the cooler months.

Step Safely

Outdoor living spaces make life worth living. That may be a little dramatic, but there’s no doubt that they do make life far more enjoyable and satisfying year-round. As part of your exterior home maintenance routine, check over your driveway, patio, paths, pool deck, etc. Do these need some attention? Cracks, uneven surfaces, gaps, and other hazards can impact the safety of your yard/property.

It may be time to have Noblesville’s own Flatmade Concrete Co. in for a look. They specialize in decorative concrete and are well-known (and respected) for the level of quality and craftsmanship they bring to each and every job.

Protect Your Home from Top to Bottom (Especially Top)

As important as roofs are, we tend to forget about them. They’re there. They work. Until they don’t. The last thing you want to do, though, is wait until you’ve sprung a leak to take action. Make this a priority when planning your exterior home maintenance tasks. And, folks, unless you have some serious experience, this is not a DIY job. It is extremely hazardous, and we don’t want anyone falling or getting struck by a falling object.

Get a hold of Watergate Roofing instead. They can handle everything from routine roof maintenance and simple repairs to gutter system installation, storm damage repair, and full-scale replacements. The Indianapolis-area company is woman-owned and- operated with a reputation for exceptional work and follow-up (quality control checks are conducted after every roof repair, replacement, and installation).

Plan for Year-Round Beauty

If we had to guess, we’d say that landscaping, gardening, and tending to the yard are among the favorites when it comes to exterior home maintenance. Many of us love to putter around the lawn – and it certainly yields some fantastic and visible rewards. Take stock of what’s going on at the ground level. How is your grass looking? Your flowers, shrubs, and trees? Are you currently using excess amounts of water or chemicals to care for your yard? Do you want to create a whole new, and fresh, look for your property?

You may enjoy puttering – but if you don’t have the time, tools, know-how, or… for some of us… the inclination to tackle larger projects, turn to GreenImage Landscape & Design. Based in Carmel, GreenImage truly has a green thumb… among other qualifications. They specialize in landscape design and installation, maintenance, and outdoor living spaces. Whether you have a landscape you love and need some help with or you want to plan and create an exciting space, they have you covered.

Celebrate a Job Well Done…

… Even if it was completed by a trusted professional.

Exterior home maintenance encompasses some complex, potentially hazardous tasks, so never hesitate to call in the pros. Our local businesses treat your home and property like it’s their own, and they take great pride in a job well done. Rather than feeling overwhelmed and under-qualified to take on the more difficult aspects of outdoor maintenance, just reach out and get it done!

Find the right professionals for the job at Home Artisans of Indiana. You can also find useful home maintenance/improvement tips and tricks on our blog.

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