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Fall Home Maintenance Tips for Inside and Out
Fall Home Maintenance Tips for Inside and Out

Inside and outside your home, there seems to be one hundred to-do’s as fall settles its seasonal self in. Home Artisans of Indiana members share their suggestions, reminders, and to-dos for a well-rounded home maintenance checklist:

“After your HVAC system has run all summer, dust can build up around its vents and recirculate into your home. To reduce dust, turn off your AC or furnace and vacuum around your return air vents.” Brian Schutt, Homesense Heating & Cooling

“If you have noticed your home air turning a little musty, dusty, or stale, it may be time to get your ducts and HVAC system fully cleaned! Also, check out your HVAC before winter arrives so you can be sure your system will make it through the winter.” Carlton Mills, Ductz

“While the weather is still decent, now is a good time to seal your exterior concrete and inspect your basement and crawl spaces for any water infiltration. If you have a sump pit outside or in your basement, make sure it is still working.” Tim Eckert, Weber Concrete

“Lots of leaf clutter builds up in the fall, so be sure to clear out your gutters and downspouts as needed throughout the season. Summer use of decks and patios has probably worn their sealant out and now is the time to reseal them for winter. Roofs may have been damaged during storms and it is worthwhile to have your roof inspected before winter. Remember to disconnect yard hoses, shut off outside valves, and insulate water pipes before the weather turns cold and starts to freeze everything.” Brian Paxson, A Better View; Millie Hindes, Watergate Roofing; Mike Tubbs, Steg Plumbing

“Take the opportunity during this season change to sort through and purge your clothing, garage and pantry items. This is also a good time to clean your storage spaces so you have a more organized and clean home for the holidays. Keeping porches and the garage clean and leaf-free will also help keep fall debris out of the house.” Erin Moore, California Closets and Christina Garten, Christina’s Complete Clean

“Fall can be a less busy season as summer travel and vacations wind down. If you haven’t yet, take the chance to have a professional run an alarm test and tune up before you get busy again with the holidays.” Ray Rice, Digital Sight & Sound

Need help with any fall maintenance projects? Check out our Members Page for a Home Artisans member who can help!

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