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Faucet Bling is the Perfect Holiday Gift
Faucet Bling is the Perfect Holiday Gift

True, plumbing is not among the regular wish list items—you don’t see many faucets sticking out from stockings or sinks wrapped in paper—but it can be a very welcome, if surprising, gift.  Updating plumbing fixtures and accessories, like faucets, sinks, and shower heads, are often in the back of people’s minds; many of us have other priorities and do not have the time to find replacements for our outdated plumbing parts. Rust, crust, and the occasional drips of old hardware happen over time, and gradually we get used to our dirty-looking faucets. Finding shiny new plumbing for a loved one is relatively inexpensive. There are many options; based on what is needed most, you can choose between a new shower head or trim, new bath or sink faucets, and even a kitchen sink. Replacing brass hardware with chrome faucets and nickel cabinet hardware such as pulls and knobs refreshes a home’s look.  For kitchen sinks, you will need to know how many holes they have drilled for plumbing—one or two. A single pull-down faucet is the most popular choice for kitchen sinks now, and it leaves the option for the second drilled hole to be used for something else, such as a soap dispenser, filtered water spout, or push-button sink disposal. Also, consider what kind of countertops the kitchen has so you can match them.

Need a resource for your plumbing gift shopping? Reach out to Diana Dinges, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery.

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