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Heat up your patio with an outdoor fireplace
Heat up your patio with an outdoor fireplace

Is there anything else that captures the spirit of summer more than gathering around the outdoor fire pit for conversation, stories and roasted s’mores? Fire pits can be used not only as a fun place to hold gatherings, but also as a key piece of a beautiful landscaping design. With so many different construction models to choose from today, you’ll be able to find a style that compliments and completes your outdoor or patio design.
Most fire pits are commonly made from stone or concrete building materials. You can select from a variety of burning styles including wood, gas or propane. Although some are ground level, the most common type of fire pit design is created using a raised structure or bowl that holds the flames. Fire pits can be built in a number of different shapes such as circular, hexagon, octagon, pentagon, rectangular and square. The size of the pit can vary to fit the types of gatherings you plan on having. Whether you’d like a large area to entertain big parties, or a smaller, more intimate space is up to your personal preference.
Once you’ve selected a design for the fire pit itself, you can start visualizing the way that the structure will fit into your patio design scheme. This step may be a bit tricky, because each yard and outdoor landscaping design is unique. Before building, you’ll want to consult city codes to learn more about any possible restrictions or permits required to have a fire pit on your property. There’s no use building a fire pit that can’t actually be lit!
Planning the perfect fire pit is no easy task. If you feel overwhelmed or aren’t sure where to start, you can always contact a professional landscaping company for advice. The Indianapolis area is lucky to have a landscaping company like Wesley Landscaping to answer any and all landscaping challenges. Visit: http://wesleyslandscape.com/ to learn more.

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