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Heating & Cooling, Season to Season
Heating & Cooling, Season to Season

We’ve got a few weeks before the transition between fall and winters creeps through. Transitioning from one season to the next is always a great time to be sure that your heating and cooling system is set up to get the best airflow to fit the changing temperatures. Airflow is especially important during those chilly winter months when we spend the most time indoors.

In order to be energy efficient, homes need to be closed up tight. Basically, we don’t want heating and cooling to escape through our doors, windows, walls, ect. However, it’s important to provide your home with a supply of fresh air. We need airflow to cool our heating systems in the winter so that they operate more efficiently. All sorts of problems from overheating to electrical erosion can occur if there’s inadequate airflow in your home.

Here’s a few quick tips that can help improve the airflow in your home:

Always replace air filters at the beginning of a season and then check them each month during the winter.

Fans to circulate air around the home. Yes, fans regulate temperature even during the wintertime. You can even turn on your AC systems “fan only” to recirculate the air throughout your home.

Have your system checked by a professional yearly.

Heating and airflow is an intricate process, which is why you need a professional to inspect and possibly suggest solutions for any of your airflow problems. Homesense Heating and Cooling is a fantastic resource for homeowners to call on. Homsense focuses their services on homeowner communication, experienced technicians and a transparent process. If you have questions about heating and cooling, or airflow, contact Homesense or visit their website: http://trusthomesense.com/.

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