Help Us Help You: How Home Artisans Helps Members – and Clients – Reach Their Goals - Home Artisans of Indiana w
Help Us Help You: How Home Artisans Helps Members – and Clients – Reach Their Goals
Help Us Help You: How Home Artisans Helps Members – and Clients – Reach Their Goals

We didn’t get into the home industry because we wanted an “easy” job. We don’t put blood, sweat, and tears into each and every project (metaphorically… because homeowners don’t want any of that on their sleek hardwood floors, marble countertops, or dream-worthy outdoor space!) because we prefer the path of least resistance. We don’t work tirelessly to create home if we don’t ourselves value and honor the very idea of safety and sanctuary. We do it because we’re driven to.

And we are equally driven to continue innovating, exploring, creating, and making the dream of home an everyday, every minute, reality. Home Artisans of Indiana helps members reach their goals. Individually, we do exceptional work. Together… Well, we are even more than the sum of our parts.

Home Artisans Helps Members Succeed

Imagine if you had to invent a contraption that could help you move thousands of pounds of materials without a thousand hands. It’d have to be able to keep up with the demands of your jobsite, moving not only lumber, bricks, concrete, and supplies but also the people who will assemble all of these into a cohesive whole. It’d have to move up and down, side to side, and forward and back.

It’s a wheel, folks. You’d have to invent a wheel.

Why spend that blood, sweat, and tears – metaphorical or otherwise – reinventing the wheel when we can leverage our collective knowledge, skills, experience, and expertise and move ahead? This is why both the wheel and Home Artisans of Indiana exist. Belonging to this community of equally-driven home industry professionals gives you the leg up, so to speak, helping you become a better contractor, a more engaged business owner, a respected and trusted authority in your field.


  • You have access to resources, information, and a wealth of perspectives. You know the saying, “If you’re the smartest person in the room… find a new room”? We couldn’t agree more. Membership in a professional community grants you admission into a world of diverging viewpoints, diverse backgrounds and experiences, and a wealth of skill sets and connections. Someone here has surely invented the wheel (or is at least working on it!) that’ll help you power your business forward.
  • You can “be yourself” in a noncompetitive atmosphere. There is only one representative per industry in communities like Home Artisans. This allows members to bring a unique voice to the table without worrying about any sticky issues as far as competing for clients (which can include withholding invaluable opinions).
  • You give, and receive, high quality referrals. This is our bread and butter! As a trusted peer, other members will keep your name top of mind when their clients are looking for professionals to complete their projects.

And all of this helps our clients by ensuring streamlined, positive processes and project results that wow.

Home Artisans Helps Members Help Their Clients

When it comes to someone’s home, not just any contractor, builder, designer, or skilled trades person/company will do. That is their home, after all! Their space, their refuge from their world. They want the best of the best – and membership in Home Artisans helps ensure they get it. Membership reassures prospects and clients that home professionals are:

  • Trusted authorities in their field. While inclusive, Home Artisans is also exclusive in that the community is made up of the creme dela creme of the home industry. Belonging signals to clients that you are the solution to their need/challenge/problem.
  • Committed to continual development. You are actively pursuing every opportunity to learn and grow – and this is apparent to homeowners. From staying abreast of the latest industry trends and tech to innovating new processes, your membership is a key that unlocks your development and their results.
  • Willing, and able, to answer any questions and address any concerns. Home owners may feel hesitant to ask all of their burning questions. With these trusted professionals, however, they know they’re going to get the answers they need – without all that pesky and confusing jargon.

We Build Better Businesses… Together

Most of us got into the home industry because we are passionate about what we do. Home Artisans of Indiana is the ideal opportunity to share that excitement and innovation, while bolstering our own careers and businesses.

Interested in building a better business, a better industry, and a better Indiana? Join us.

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