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Hiring a Reliable Moving Company
Hiring a Reliable Moving Company

Moving to a new home takes great effort and skill to navigate your furniture and other items out of your old house and into the new one. It is likely you can’t handle it all by yourself, but it can be difficult to find a reliable moving company who has just the right price and services you need. Who you hire to help you move can make a good or bad impact on both the moving process and your things. You want an experienced company who will handle everything with care, have no surprise fees, and offers some replacement protection.

Here are three steps to help you choose a reliable moving company:

  1. CHECK CREDIBILITY: The process of moving is standardized, making credible movers easier to spot because they have set procedures, certificates, a Department of Transportation license, and moving options that fly-by-night movers don’t have. One of those options most professional movers offer is free in-home surveys. This lets the mover see what difficulties will be encountered during the move, and they can discuss with you how and what you want moved, giving you a more accurate estimate of the cost. When a company doesn’t offer surveys, or isn’t coming to your home at all before moving day, it is likely a sign they are amateurs.
  1. COMPARE ESTIMATES: Take advantage of free in-home surveys and get different estimates from several movers. An in-home survey helps professionals estimate how much labor it would take to move everything: how far it is from the house to the truck, are there stairs to maneuver, etc. Asking multiple movers for surveys and estimates can reveal hidden charges or fees that a flat-rate or stated lower price provided without a home survey can hide. Make sure you ask companies who offer non-binding estimates!
  1. ASK ABOUT ADDITIONAL VALUATION COVERAGE: The state of Indiana does not require moving companies to have insurance; it only requires a 60 cents per pound reimbursement if property is damaged by a company. Some companies offer Additional Valuation Coverage based on declared value, which is not insurance either but will give you replacement protection above the level required by the state.

Finding a credible mover with the right experience and options you need will make your move smoother, less expensive in the long run, and safer for your stuff. For an excellent moving service, reach out to member David Stamper, Planes Companies.

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