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Holiday Cleaning Tips
Holiday Cleaning Tips

Family gatherings, holiday parties, cooking, shopping—what don’t you have going on during the early winter season? Whether you are expecting company or decorating your home, cleaning and organizing your house can help minimize your stress levels. Member Christina Garten shares three main areas in your house to hit before the holidays set in:

Prepare for Guests

Your goal is to make your rooms clutter-free so your guests can move easily about in them. Clear high-traffic areas and gathering places such the entry way, living room, and kitchen. Arrange your seating areas in a circular or L-shape fashion for better conversation. Be prepared for spills! They are going to happen, so have towels handy. Also be sure to prepare your bathrooms for guests. Put out a fresh set of hand towels and wipe down every surface.

Purge for Space

You are going through your harvest and winter decorations anyway, why not take the opportunity to purge the unnecessary? Dated, damaged, or never-used decorations just take up storage space and get in the way of you finding what you need. The same goes for when you are unpacking all your scarves, coats, mittens and hats—get rid of what you’ve outgrown and what you never wear. However, throwing your winter items away is not the only option—you can donate them! Many organizations ask for gently used winter wear during the cold season.

Clean Kitchens

A clean and organized kitchen is the key to easy cooking! Deep clean the kitchen before your holiday cooking commences. Comb your pantry and refrigerator for expired and spoiled food items and throw them out to make room for your fresh ingredients and prepared food. Take a little time to organize as well—you’ll be able to find what you need faster.

Need a cleaning expert? Reach out to Christina Garten, Christina’s Complete Clean.

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