Home Artisans’ Involvement in Residential Redevelopment in Indianapolis - Home Artisans of Indiana w
Home Artisans’ Involvement in Residential Redevelopment in Indianapolis
Home Artisans’ Involvement in Residential Redevelopment in Indianapolis

Home Artisans of Indiana have their finger on the pulse of residential redevelopment in Indianapolis — two of our members are participating in a new construction project on the old north side that is rejuvenating the area with contemporary homes. Overall, Greater Indianapolis is seeing a growing demand for living spaces closer to amenities; millennials especially are looking for that downtown experience. Older generations are also seeing the virtues of being within walking distance of local restaurants and shops. Rather than spending weekends working in the yard, resources can more easily be spent towards a nice dinner or seeing a show.residential redevelopment in indianapolis

In the Talbott Street area of Indianapolis, Heritage Builders is constructing homes with a unique contemporary look. Their interior design breaks from the traditional style by limiting walls, creating open and connected spaces. Also known as open concept design, this style is popular right now in homes being built in downtown spaces.

Home Artisans’ members Steg Plumbing and Homesense Heating & Cooling are working with Heritage Builders on these new homes. Brian Schutt of Homesense Heating & Cooling had this to say about his role on the project:

“For Homesense, these open concept homes provide a challenge to the HVAC design as there are not many walls where the duct work can be installed. Our goal for all of our HVAC designs is to distribute air from the best locations possible to achieve the greatest comfort throughout the home. With only a few walls to work with, we had to figure out new ways of placing and hiding the duct work. Designing an HVAC system is much easier to do in traditional homes, but easier is not always better. We’ve been able to accomplish a clean design without having to build a bunch of bulkheads around our duct work.”

The Talbott Street homes are expected to be completed in summer 2016. Home Artisans of Indiana is proud to work with builders like Heritage Builders who strive for excellent work and well-designed homes that will fit their customers’ needs. Our group of home improvement experts was created around a shared philosophy of providing outstanding customer service, quality and value. Visit homeartisans.com to learn more about our members.


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