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Home Décor Trends: Signage and Custom Wall Graphics
Home Décor Trends: Signage and Custom Wall Graphics
Custom Wall Graphics

Map Vinyl Wall Graphic

We are seeing a trend in home décor leaning towards wall graphics. Instead of wallpaper, paint, art or back splashes, homeowners are applying sticky-backed quotes, sayings and images on the walls of kids’ rooms and over thresholds. Some wall graphics can get really creative—it all depends on what the homeowners envision and what artisans and decorators have to offer. However, some graphics companies are stepping into the realm of creative wall graphics as well. Home Artisans member Alpha Graphics prints and cuts vinyl shapes, images and letters businesses and homeowners can stick on their walls however they’d like. Michael Kile, owner of Alpha Graphics, shared with us the many possibilities for custom wall graphics:

Custom Printed Graphic on Canvas

Printed Graphic – Map of London on Canvas

“As it gets close to the holidays we have had requests for custom signs that people want to produce as gifts. While most of the signage we produce is for businesses, we find more people incorporating these materials into their homes. These have ranged from something as simple as reproducing photographs on a framed canvas to something more elaborate like custom printed and cut vinyl applied to glass for an entryway.

A few years ago we had a client who wanted to memorialize some old signs from his family’s past businesses. He only had photographs of the old signs, so we helped recreate, print and mount those to a sturdy board. They now hang in his basement rec room.

We have even had car buffs who want to capture that classic vehicle image on a canvas or archival print. Some take those cars to shows and have created complete A-Frame signs to display next to the cars with all the information. Basically, if you can dream it, we can print it.”


Wall Graphics on Cinder Block

What unique images would you like to display in or around your home? Reach out to Michael Kile at Alpha Graphics to help you make it happen!

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