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Home Design Tips for Fall Prevention
Home Design Tips for Fall Prevention

Unfortunately, in many homes, falling is a dangerous accident that is just waiting to happen. Stairs, obstacles and slippery floors have a way of knocking our feet out from under us at the most unexpected times. Aside from avoiding ladders and rooftops, there are many ways you can adjust and order your home to prevent accidental falls.

Well-Lit Entryways: Even if there is hardly a lip in your thresholds, tripping is as easy as a misstep. Why make safe passage more difficult by darkening entryways? Install lights inside and outside doors so you can see where you step when entering or exiting your home.

Clutter-Free Stairs: Setting things you later will want to carry upstairs or downstairs on the stairs themselves can be a dangerous habit. You want your stairs to be clutter-free to help keep accidents from happening. Instead, put things at the base of the stairs, to the side and out of the way, so you have little chance of tripping.

Handrails: Though they also prevent falls, when one does happen handrails can save the day. On steps and stairways, handrails provide stability for people with unsteady legs, and they provide you with something to grab to help stop a painful tumble.

Non-Slip Rugs: On surfaces like linoleum, tile, or hardwood floors, it is safer to decorate or furnish with non-slip rugs, which usually have textured material on their underside to prevent them from sliding. Throw rugs can move under your feet on slippery surfaces, creating the perfect scenario for an accident.

Grab Bars: Installing grab bars in bathrooms provides stability for when you need to sit down, or to bend over to pick something up while showering. Grab bars come in many decorative styles and colors that can match your décor or even enhance a design you already have.

For an expert in accident-prevention, universal and aging-in-place home design, reach out to Kent McCool, Home Safe Homes.

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