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Lighting is essential to any home interior design scheme. How you illuminate your space has the potential to dramatically change its feel and functionality. Understanding how you will use a room will help you choose the appropriate lighting type and placement. Beyond supporting your tasks, lighting can set the atmosphere of a room, from bright kitchens to softly glowing bedrooms. Layering lights of various colors, angles, and strengths can help you create different ambiences depending on your mood.

Lighting fixtures come in many different styles and finishes. Think of them as jewelry for your home. Do you want your rooms to wear gold or silver, brushed brass or vintage copper? There are many options out there, so have some fun!

Finally, remember that lighting is a changeable feature. Dimmers and control technologies can help you easily change the look and feel of a space, whether you want to modify a single room, or your entire house.

For help in creating a beautiful and functional lighting design for your home, reach out to HAOI member Tracy Leeper King at Indiana Lighting Center.

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