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Home Water Damage Risks in Winter
Home Water Damage Risks in Winter

The cold winter weather poses risks to your household plumbing—pipes exposed to temperatures below 32 degrees can freeze and then burst, causing quite a bit of home water damage. Keeping pipes warm is the best preventative for this unpleasant situation.

Outdoor Plumbing: Protect your outdoor plumbing by draining excess water from your faucets and hoses. These outside implements can freeze easily when water is left inside them. To drain outdoor faucets, disconnect everything from them and turn off their indoor shut-off valves, then open the outside faucets to expel excess water. Hoses should be uncoiled and drained out before storing them inside a garage or basement.

Indoor Plumbing: When the temperature drops or the wind chill factor is low, pipes on exterior walls can freeze. By opening the doors where they are housed, such as a bathroom sink cabinet, the pipes will be exposed to the warm air of your house. A fan can come in handy for circulating that air around the pipes. Opening the faucet just enough to let it drip will also help prevent freezing. If you have pipes in a crawl space, insulate your pipes and close their vents to keep the warm air in.

If you experience plumbing problems due to cold temperatures, the technicians at Steg Plumbing are happy to assist you quickly! Reach out to HAOI member Cathy Stegemoller, Steg Plumbing.

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