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Increasing Curb Appeal Can Lead to a Faster Home Sale
Increasing Curb Appeal Can Lead to a Faster Home Sale

Paying attention to the curb appeal of your house is like putting your best foot forward. First impressions are everything when selling your house. Making buyers feel that your house is in good condition and you have taken care of it will lead to a faster sale.

Buyers’ first impressions start with your front yard, the outside of your house, and even the state of your neighbors’ yards. Make everything look neat and presentable before they walk through your front door. Cut your lawn and clear your yard of debris such as leaves, sticks, and trash. Sweep your porches, sidewalk, and driveway. Even your car can add to their first impression, so consider washing it too, or if it isn’t in the best shape park it in the garage. Consider talking to your neighbors about their yards if they are particularly unkempt. Explain that you are selling your house, and offer to help them clean up.

On the inside and outside, you’ll want to wash your windows and dirty walls thoroughly, and apply fresh coats of paint where old paint is peeling. Peeling or chipping paint is easy to see and buyers will pick up on it right away.

When buyers walk in, you want them to see clean floors and bright rooms. Clear your home of clutter. However, do not jam items into closets and cabinets! Potential buyers will open them, so they need to be clean and neat. Replace any dim, flickering, or dead light bulbs and make sure all fixtures are working. Before each showing, make the beds and put away all dishes. Updated kitchens and bathrooms are high on buyers’ wish lists, so consider making as many updates to these rooms as possible. It is best to avoid strong cooking smells while your house is on the market. Cabbage and fish, for instance, can leave behind an unpleasant odor. Some homeowners bake cookies before a showing, providing a good aroma as well as free cookies! What could give a better first impression.

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