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Interior Design Trends: A Thrifty Way to Incorporate Exotic Woods
Interior Design Trends: A Thrifty Way to Incorporate Exotic Woods

Gorgeous options abound for stylish home updates and additions, but interior design trends show homeowners are looking to create a high-end look with a smaller budget. A variety of quality materials are available at good prices, but the allure of the exotic and unique has some combining sumptuous and standard. In furniture, cabinetry, tables, and other wooden items, designers are pairing painted wood with natural stained or finished wood. For example, a floating shelf on a wall could have painted supports and crown molding, while the shelf itself is an exotic type of wood. Similarly, a built-in cabinet could be all painted except the shelves, giving the cabinetry nice accents.

What is attractive about this look is not just the contrast of a solid color with natural wood’s rich textures, but the fact that using inexpensive painted wood allows you to budget more toward buying a lovely natural material. Common woods, like maple and oak, are very durable and stable but can be cheaply fabricated since they are easy to work with. However, exotic woods like cocobolo, teak, and mahogany pose more challenges to manufacturers, making them more expensive. By combining affordable with pricey, homeowners can get into the realm of rare woods that look unique, and perhaps match their home’s décor better than common woods.

Natural wood furniture, mantles, cabinetry and tables can be gorgeous additions to your home, bringing character and interest to your rooms.  However, different kinds of wood will be better suited than others depending on usage. Consider how long you need the piece to last, and how much upkeep you are able to do for any necessary preservation.

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