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Is Your HVAC Contaminated?
Is Your HVAC Contaminated?

Every HVAC system has the possibility of having contaminants like mold or mildew in it. Your heating and cooling system is the lungs of your home, and whatever you bring in through the door or windows is breathed. Typically that consists of normal everyday dirt and dust, which, while annoying, is not harmful. Issues begin when a dirty system has moisture introduced to it (usually during the summer when the AC runs all the time). Then contaminants have an environment to grow in. This growth almost always starts at the AC’s evaporator coil and then spreads.

This problem can be prevented: having your air ducts cleaned professionally eliminates the dirt and dust required for contaminant growth. After a complete and thorough air duct cleaning you should be good for about five years. That is unless you have a project, like remodeling, that generates a lot of dust in your home. Then your HVAC should be cleaned directly afterwards. An annual coil cleaning and inspection by a licensed HVAC company can reduce the chance moisture will infiltrate your system. You can also regularly change filters, and vacuum and wash carpets and hardwood floors to help keep your system free of dust and working efficiently.

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