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Large Format Printing
Large Format Printing

Getting noticed from the road or among festival and conference crowds calls for large format printing— posters, signs, banners, and vehicle graphics that are easy to spot from far away and between obstacles. Full marketing services provider and print shop Alpha Graphics offers many options when it comes to large format printing. Owner Michael Kile discusses why having a variety of signage options is important for going big.

“We want to create signs that fit your needs and budget. We print on a variety of different materials in accordance with how you will use the sign. We also take care of all parts of your project, laminating, mounting and installing, so you don’t have to worry about the details. Say that you need a sign for a one-time event, and don’t need it for multiple uses: we could print your sign on foamcore or coroplast, cost-saving choices.

If you plan on using the sign long-term, it makes sense to upgrade to our sturdier options like Gator Board or PVC. For long-term outdoor use a metal may be the best choice and a laminate will help reduce the effects of weather. We also offer a lot of flexibility in both size and thickness, printing on any material up to 60’’ wide and the length is up to you. We’ve printed banners as long as 22 feet! Thickness needs to vary with the size of the project—the regular 3 millimeters thick is fine for small stuff, but that thickness may not be rigid enough for a large display. We can advise you on what materials will be best suited for your project so your sign doesn’t bend or break right after you get it.”

Looking for ways to make your business visible? Reach out to Michael Kile of Alpha Graphics for your print and media needs.


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