Lighting Fixtures... what do they say about your space? - Home Artisans of Indiana w
Lighting Fixtures… what do they say about your space?
Lighting Fixtures… what do they say about your space?

Lighting fixtures are more than just a decorative element: they play a large role in determining the color, feel and energy level of a room. You may not even realize what an impact the lighting fixture made until you decide to swap it for a new design. Changing out key, focal lighting fixtures can alter the atmosphere of any room and refresh the look of your home.
Before you rip down that old fixture, you’ll want to spend some time formulating what kind of atmosphere you want to create. Do you want the room to feel bright and airy or gothic and romantic? Both the style of the fixture and the amount of light it generates will help create the atmosphere you are envisioning.
After you’ve decided on a direction, you can choose from a variety of standard lighting structures. Ceiling lights are practical for areas such as hallways or rooms where the ceiling might be lower. They come in an unbelievably wide variety of styles, so you are sure to find a ceiling light that matches your d?cor. Chandeliers are perfect for adding an elegant touch to kitchens, hallways, entrances or areas with tall ceilings. Most chandeliers tend to dominate the open space, so they will set the tone for a room’s d?cor more than other fixture models. Ceiling fans are usually equipped with lights, and can help regulate the temperature of a room. Pendant lights provide both general and task lighting, making them an ideal choice to hang above kitchen islands or countertops.
If you need some inspiration, visit Indiana Lighting Center’s showroom online at or at any of their three Indianapolis showrooms. They have hundreds of lighting fixture designs that can jumpstart your redesign project.

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