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Maintaining Wood Cabinetry
Maintaining Wood Cabinetry

The look of wood cabinetry can bring a classic feeling of elegance into virtually any space. However, if you want to help keep them looking stylish year after year, you’ll need to pay careful attention to cleaning and maintaining the wood. Take a look at a few of these essential tips aimed at preserving the beauty of your wood cabinets.
Because of its natural properties, wood is susceptible to moisture and extreme temperatures. Contact with either of these elements can cause splintering, warping or other types of damage. Wood cabinetry is frequently used in both the kitchen and bathroom: two spaces where moisture and temperature changes are pretty commonplace. This means that everyday maintenance is very important. Day to day, you’ll need to be sure to keep the cabinets as dry and cool as possible. Keep steam, oils, smoke and other containments from coming into contact with the wood. Wipe up any water spillages that occur as soon as possible. Although it’s a tempting way to let them air dry, avoid draping damp cloths or towels over the wood. Additionally, the oils from your skin can cause wear on the wood. So clean any areas of the cabinetry that comes in contact with your hands regularly.
To clean your cabinets, use soft cloths mixed with a mild, liquid soap. Do not use products that contain harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia, because they may damage the surface of the wood. Using a soft, clean cloth to scrub works best, because it won’t leave behind scratches or remnants from other messes. When washing your cabinets, follow the wood grain for a better result. To bring out a shine, use a high-quality polish that’s free of waxes and silicon. When used properly, polishes can leave behind a barrier of mineral oil that can protect against future dirt and moisture contact.
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