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101 Mobility
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101 Mobility

Living independently can become increasingly difficult for seniors and those dealing with an injury, disability, or illness. However, there are options available to you that will make your property more accessible and comfortable. At 101 Mobility of Indianapolis, we specialize in doing just that. We sell and install a wide variety of mobility products for both homes and businesses. Whether you need long-term accommodations or short-term rentals, our Indianapolis Mobility Consultants will work with you to fully understand your needs and then propose the best solution – including stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, wheelchair ramps, home elevators and more.

101 Mobility of Indianapolis is more than just a company that sells accessibility solutions. Our Indianapolis Mobility Specialists are fully trained and provide expert installation of each of our products. Following installation, we offer our One-Year Limited Service Warranty and a preventative maintenance package. Our team is also always available to answer any questions and address any problems you may experience. Your satisfaction is our top priority.