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Specializing in Decorative Concrete
Flatmade Concrete Co
Flatmade Concrete Co
13325 San Vincente Blvd, Fishers, IN 46038, USA

Flatmade Concrete Co

We specialize in decorative concrete, and use only the highest quality materials and the latest tools and techniques.  We maintain a “Green” standard in as many aspects of our day to day operations as possible to minimize impact on the environment.  The concrete we remove from one job is crushed into fill to be used as a base in our next project! We use only local suppliers based in Indiana which means our customers’ money stays here and our tax dollars go to bettering our community. This also means less carbon emissions spent on moving products from other states or even countries. Our vehicles use bio-diesel made locally as well.

High standards and strong work ethic produce masterpieces that last longer than our competition.  Our reputation, for keeping proper concrete slump and the use of steel reinforcement in all projects, has gained the respect from homeowners, home builders, concrete suppliers as well as the competition.

Member Details

I enjoy building and repairing. Fixing something up to make it new again helps me to escape stress.
Metal or mechanical repairs to machinery or attachments, when they fail in the field, can be one of the most satisfying victories.
I enjoyed working as a kid and always looked for small jobs I could do for my neighbors.
I am pretty closed off at first but when I open up you can’t get me to shut up.
If I say I am going to do something, I do it.