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We help business owners and sales leaders achieve their fullest potential.
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Our experienced sales and management consultants provide expert advice on strategy, staffing, structure, and organizational skills training that business leaders need to achieve their goals. We offer sales training in Indiana, nationwide & internationally.

Our management consulting team will help you determine opportunities for improvement—and we’ll give you the tools and confidence to make the most of them. Tailored to address your company’s challenges and specific needs, Lushin training uses Sandler teaching materials and methodology as a framework, as well as real-world experiences, to enable you and your team to implement reliable sales processes, develop leadership and management talent, and convert prospects into customers.

We offer personalized sales and management consulting to Indiana businesses that draws on the unique and diverse assets of each consultant. We will challenge your processes. We’ll advocate for your success. We’ll hold you accountable. And when you work with Lushin, you’ll get results.