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Stone Center of Indiana
Stone Center of Indiana
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5272 East 65th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46220, USA

Stone Center of Indiana

Since 1969, Stone Center of Indiana has been providing the finest architectural and landscape stone products to builders, architects, contractors, and homeowners. We provide stone for all types of residential, commercial, and landscape projects. Exceptional quality, unrivaled selection, and responsive, friendly customer service continue to be our top priorities.

Stone Center inventories Indiana’s largest selection of natural and engineered stone, and we take great pride in keeping the most popular stone products and brand names in stock. You’ll find expert advice and the right stone for nearly every type of project imaginable. Doing business at Stone Center has never been easier. Our improved facility features a large showroom and salescenter, expanded product displays, a breathtaking two-story high by 100-yard long “great wall” of architectural stone samples, an added scale, easy access to product inventories, and separate contractor services for fast, efficient service.

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Indianapolis location:
5272 East 65th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone: 317-849-9100

Sheridan location:
19653 Six Points Road
Sheridan, IN 46069
Phone: 317-867-1996

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I went to Ball State to study the art of painting and 10 years later, I’m selling the rocks that build dream homes! My goal in this new decade is to crush those uncomfortable challenges and take on new opportunities to better serve my career, family and friends. I spend most nights in the kitchen attempting new recipes (or Pinterest fails?), flailing around at workout classes, and cuddling my 60 pound fur babies on the couch we swore we’d NEVER let them sit on.