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Moving Soon? Don’t Forget These Crucial Packing To-Dos!
Moving Soon? Don’t Forget These Crucial Packing To-Dos!

Moving is a huge undertaking—you are moving your life! Needless to say, a checklist will come in handy for the entire process. There are crucial steps to take and things to do before and after packing. Every person will have a unique moving checklist reflecting their belongings and situation. Here, we have selected to-dos that will apply to most every mover:

Before You Pack

Sort before packing; it will make the process easier in the long run. Your organization scheme will depend on what you have, but here are two categories we suggest tackling first: items to throw away or donate and items to take with you. Before you start packing, gather things you do not want or need anymore. You aren’t just taking the opportunity to purge—it does not make sense to pay to move something you won’t keep for much longer. These items can then be sorted into two piles: donation and disposal. If you can’t remove them before the movers come, mark these items with a “do not pack” sign. Flammables, combustibles, corrosives and fireworks are all dangerous to move and should not be packed.

Items to Take with You

You will have fragile and irreplaceable items that should be taken with you rather than on the moving van, such as jewelry or prescription medications. Your personal family medical records, tax papers, and other sensitive documents or information should also stay with you so you can access them at any time.

What You Should Definitely Pack Yourself

Disassemble furniture or devices yourself, as you know the correct procedures while the movers do not, and pack them so no parts are lost or broken. Also detach anything connected to the walls that you wish to move, such as drapery rods, towel bars, or shelving.

 Special Service on Large Home Appliances

Most refrigerators, washers, dryers and other electrical or mechanical appliances do require special servicing prior to moving and transportation. Try to service these appliances last or next to last as you will likely be using them up to moving day—don’t wait too long, though! We suggest packing as little food as possible, so plan meals around the food you have in your pantry and freezer without buying more. On move day your refrigerator and freezer should be empty and dry, so plan to unload them at least a day before to give them time to defrost.

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