Narrowing the Search for Artisans & Craftsmen - Home Artisans of Indiana w
Narrowing the Search for Artisans & Craftsmen
Narrowing the Search for Artisans & Craftsmen

When it comes to both new construction and home renovation projects, figuring out who to hire can become a paralyzing process.

From a consumer standpoint, there is and always will be a need to obtain some sort of third-party validation of who to invite into their home to serve in different capacities,” says Brian Schutt, owner of Homesense Heating and Cooling. “It kind of waxes and wanes as to what serves as that third-party validation.”

Two or three decades ago, consumers flipped through the yellow pages to determine the best candidate for the job. Then came Angie’s List. Then Facebook, Next Door and other social media platforms. As a result, consumers may feel overwhelmed when faced with mixed or conflicting suggestions, opinions and reviews.

For residents located around the Indianapolis area, however, there is a trusted source in Home Artisans of Indiana, a collective group of high-quality industry companies, each with a proven track record of customer-oriented service and reliability. By only allowing in just one company per service or trade, the organization directs consumers to the local artisan or craftsman that can provide the highest degree of quality, service and value. Launched in 2011, Home Artisans of Indiana is an invitation-only group of some of the top home services and building trade companies in Indianapolis.

“As such, we hold each other accountable to a higher standard of operation and ethics,” Schutt says.

A referral from somebody in Home Artisans comes with an implied endorsement of the other companies within Home Artisans. They vet on the front end and continue to hold that high standard to all their members. For instance, if Home Artisans receives a negative report from someone that they have referred within the group, they immediately address it.

Erin Moore, an executive designer with California Closets, is pleased with the polished professionalism she encounters with Home Artisans.

“The introductions that have been made to experts in the industry has been invaluable,” she says.

Beyond the benefits that homeowners receive from finding great local service providers, members love the shared best practices that help them improve. Caryn O’Sullivan of Drapery Street certainly appreciates the organization’s commitment to quality.

“I have loved the fact that I am referring and learning from the best in the business,” O’Sullivan says.

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